About Christina Tung (Shan Ying)  關於董慧(繕影)

Christina Tung (also known as Shan Ying) is a Hong Kong based artist and the founder of Cheer Bell Gallery. Feathers have been a recurring subject in Christina’s artworks to reflect her aspirations in freedom and experience in life. Feathers stand stoic and overcome hardness with softness, even in the face of adversity. Other times, they are filled with idealism, fluttering about towering landscape to construct a free-spirited imagery. What makes feathers remarkably elegant and noble is the way that they fly so comfortably no matter how vast the sky or how deep the ocean is. In Christina’s view, the utmost happiness comes from the freedom of thought rather than wealth itself.

Christina entered the vibrant world of ceramics and arts under the guidance of the well-known ceramic artist Ms. Janet Tso in 2010. Since 2011, Christina has been a student of contemporary ink colour Master Lam Tian Xing and Lingnan school ink painting Master Lam Wu Fui. In 2018, Christina began studying Chinese calligraphy under Chinese Calligrapher Mr. Cheung Sing Kwo. By the end of 2018, she was selected to be one of the fifteen students in Southeast Asia to attend the “Contemporary Ink Talent Peak Class” at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) under the guidance of Master Liu Kuo-sung, Father of Modern Ink Painting, and Shi Mo, first national artist in China. 

Since 2013, Christina has taken part in various international and overseas joint expositions and exhibitions such as Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau 2020, Art Taipei, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong and Thailand-Malaysia International Women Artists Art Exhibition.

In 2018, she made her solo exhibition debut at the Museum of Russian Academy of Fine Arts and Molbert Gallery in Russia respectively. She was then invited by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong and Russian Club Hong Kong to hold her third solo exhibition in late 2018, where her work titled “Noble Aspiration” became a collection of the Russian Consulate. A number of her works have been collected by financial institutions and collectors from all over the world.

Her work titled “Anti-coronavirus” is selected and featured in the WeChat post of Beijing International Art Biennale “Fighting with Love” Anti-coronavirus Series (Hong Kong); and “Rui Qi Xiang He (1)” is selected as 1 of the 500 ink masterpieces worldwide to be exhibited at Ink Global 2020 in March 2021.

She is now the Chairman of “Cheer Bell International Art Association”. She’s also the Committee Member of “The 4-D Art Club”. She’s the Honorary President of “Traditional Skills Association of Hong Kong” as well. Furthermore, she’s a member of “Hong Kong Artists Association”, “Shine Art Association”, “Woodland Art Association”, “Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association” and “Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society”.



自2013年,董慧曾參與亞洲各地的大型國際及海外展覽和博覽會,如法國巴黎沙龍藝術展、台北國際藝術博覽會、香港Affordable Art Fair、泰馬國際女性藝術家藝術展等等。


她的作品「斬妖除魔」獲選入中國北京國際美術雙年展的《用愛一起抗》防疫專題系列 (香港特區專輯),並通過微信發帖於線上發佈。另外,其作品「瑞氣祥和」亦剛入選了《全球水墨畫大展2020》500幅優秀水墨畫作之一,並入圍參展2021年3月的《全球水墨畫大展2020》。


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